PA Motorcycle Safety Program

PA Motorcycle Safety Program

A Different Kind of Movement

More and more men and women are throwing their leg over a motorcycle and hitting the road. For pleasure, out of economic necessity, for convenience, or because like me, it's just a part of their DNA.

The inspiration for a better, cooler way to get us noticed came from my own experience cruising the highways and bi-ways of rural Pennsylvania.  I kept coming across these black and yellow diamond shaped motorcycle awareness stickers on people's cars and trucks that just looked, well, too government issue or utilitarian looking for me to want to own one myself.  But I really liked the message.

Don't get me wrong, the PAMSP is a fantastic organization, I completed my own Advanced Motorcycle Safety training program through these guys in PA. But the more I saw the stickers and yard signs, the more I thought that there had to be a cooler way of getting this important message out. A symbol, an emblem, or a design that everyone would like the look of, cool enough to slap on their bumper, stick on the rear windshield, or wear the gear. 

Hence the genesis of Be Alert For Bikers. A simple image that looks cool and sends an important message.

None of this would have happened without a couple of important and serendipitous friends including Dave Skaff, who ultimately led me to Stan and Neha at the amazing international brand strategy and emotive design firm MetaDesign in San Francisco.  Neha gets bikers and totally pooled the inspiration for the design from her biker friends that are also into this whole scene.

Our mission is not for bikers - It is about bikers.

Get involved | Keep us safe | Pass it on...

Cheers, Trevor

1976. On my first bike, a 1971 Honda SS50

1976. On my first bike, a 1971 Honda SS50